Yuppie Psycho (Original Soundtrack) by Garoad
Yuppie Psycho (Original Soundtrack) by Garoad
Yuppie Psycho (Original Soundtrack) by Garoad
Yuppie Psycho (Original Soundtrack) by Garoad
Yuppie Psycho (Original Soundtrack) by Garoad
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Yuppie Psycho (Original Soundtrack) by Garoad

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We have teamed up with VA-11 HALL-A composer Michael "Garoad" Kelly once again to release his experimental "vaporwave-meets-horror" soundtrack to Baroque Decay’s indie game Yuppie Psycho on limited edition vinyl this spring. This vinyl release includes 24 songs from the soundtrack hand-picked by Garoad himself. All songs got remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio and will be pressed at Optimal Media in Germany.

The first pressing will be available on limited edition 180g clear w/ green and red splatter double vinyl and comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with original artwork by Minty (@mintha410) that is inspired by 80's mall aesthetic. The album also features vocals by Adriana Figueroa (@AdrianaFigueroa) on the opening track "Voice (Prelude)".

All pre-orders come with a free Bandcamp code that enables you to download the full soundtrack in your favourite format and an exclusive Yuppie Psycho logo pin with rainbow plating and a beautiful backing card designed by Dane Baudoin (@kungfuquickness)


"The soundtrack to Yuppie Psycho was a very fun and experimental body of work I'm honored to share with you on vinyl. With my previous work for VA-11 HALL-A, I wanted to create something memorable through catchy melodies, hooks, and for it to have a vibrant, feel-good energy inspired by anime of the 80s and 90s. For Yuppie Psycho, I wanted to create something memorable through atmosphere and careful use of sounds that would slowly escalate a lingering sense of dread and then explode into chaos when the panic-inducing moments happen. What made this even more interesting was blending that in with the calmer songs that play during normal moments and making sure that they also had a subtle, underlying sense that something's not right for the player.

I was inspired by classic horror soundtracks (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Carrie, etc) as well as Akira Yamaoka's work for Silent Hill and used those inspirations as the base for the soundtrack. From there, I worked to add ingredients of "elevator music", jazz, city pop, and just a dash of cyberpunk before stirring them together in the witch's cauldron. I hope you will enjoy the soundtrack to this very special game!" - Michael Kelly



First day at a new job? What a nightmare!

Join Brian Pasternack, a young man with no future in a dystopian 90s society, on his first day at one of the world’s largest companies, Sintracorp. Uncertain, unprepared, and massively unqualified, will Pasternack have what it takes to shine in Sintracorp’s hierarchy? It all depends on how he performs on his first assignment… and whether he survives it.

During his unconventional employee orientation, Pasternack discovers what his new job really entails: hunting a “witch” whose powers made the success of the corporation possible in the first place, but who now seems to have returned to torment its employees. Brian will meet all kinds of odd characters, escape from terrible creatures, and unravel the hidden secrets of Sintracorp’s dark past.


A01 Voice (Prelude) (feat. Adriana Figueroa)
A02 Green Horn
A03 A Great Place to Work
A04 Meet and Greet
A05 Something's Not Right
A06 Tooth and Nail

B01 Sintranet
B02 Hall of Records
B03 Not What They Seem
B04 As You Are, I Was
B05 Her Children
B06 The Shell

C01 Hollow Faces
C02 The Hive
C03 Blush
C04 Hunter Boy
C05 A Tale of Sisters
C06 Dance of the Dead

D01 Heir (Goodbye and Hello)
D02 My Friend the Devil
D03 She
D04 Still
D05 A Promise Kept
D06 Starry Eyes