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Your specialist for game soundtracks, anime scores and Japanese music. We're an independent record label, distributor, online shop and record store based in Cologne.

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Black Screen Records is a record label, distributor and vinyl producer for video game soundtracks, anime scores and Japanese music based in Cologne, Germany. We've launched the label in 2015 and released over 100 albums in digital and physical form. Our products are being produced in Germany and ship from our warehouse in Cologne to fans, distributors and retail stores worldwide. With Kaibutsu Music, we've launched a new sub-label that is specializing in Japanese music - we're aiming to bring the best new artists and hit albums from Japan to the West.

online and offline shopping

With over 1.000 different products from various indie & major labels and distribution partners, we run one of the biggest specialized online stores for game soundtracks on vinyl worldwide. We're also offering you an ever-growing catalogue of anime, film & tv show soundtracks. In October 2021, we also opened a brick and mortar record store and pop-up space for games, music and pop-culture in Cologne called POPSUB. Make sure you stop by and say hi when you're around!

we love physical products

Vinyl has a special place in our hearts. The idea to listen to our favourite game soundtracks on vinyl was what started it all. But Black Screen Records is more than just vinyl. We produce CDs, cassette tapes, merchandise, box sets and all kinds of cool physical products. Everything is fully licensed and made possible by talented musicians, artists, companies, producers, freelancers, friends and our fans. Have a look around and we're sure you'll finde something you love.

stream, pre-save, download

Even though we have specialized in all kinds of physical things, we're also offering you a wide range of digital products from curated mood & genre playlists, to an ever growing catalogue of digital releases that you can find on our site, but also on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or TIDAL, to free downloads codes for digital albums that come with certain Black Screen Records' vinyl releases. And don't forget to give your favourite artists a follow on your preferred streaming platform. Even if doesn't feel like much, it does help.

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