Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether
Black Screen Records

Röki (Original Soundtrack) by Aether

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Polygon Treehouse and Black Screen Records have teamed up to release Aether’s atmospheric, haunting and relaxing ambient soundtrack to the upcoming adventure game Röki on limited edition vinyl and digital. The deluxe double LP will feature 31 tracks from Aether’s score and will be available on 180g turquoise double vinyl. The vinyl comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with breathtaking art from the game and includes a free Steam Soundtrack Key and Bandcamp Code for the digital album (yep, two codes for your favourite platform).

You can also order two beautiful enamel pins designed by our friend Dane Baudoin and a woven cloth badge bundle.


• Original soundtrack by composer and producer Aether
• Limited edition 180g turquoise double vinyl
• Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge
• Includes a free Steam Soundtrack Key & Bandcamp Code
• Also available: Enamel Pins & Woven Cloth Badges

You can stream and download the game here: https://ffm.to/rokisoundtrack


Röki is an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore; a dark contemporary fairy tale, underpinned by a deep narrative, satisfying puzzles and daring exploration. We join Tove on a fantastical journey to save her family. A journey that takes her deep into a hidden and long forgotten world of lost folklore, filled with strange locations and even stranger characters.

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Alex & Tom (Polygon Treehouse):

"We knew from the conception of Röki that music would play a huge part in our world-building and storytelling. After initially revealing the game we received a great deal of interest from composers but took our time in picking our musical collaborator. We knew if we got the right fit it would elevate the player’s time in the Scandinavian wilderness and adventure with Tove immeasurably.

With Aether we got all that we hoped and more. His modern, relaxing and haunting work has become a signature of the game and has already drawn many plaudits, even before the game’s launch.

When we were contacted by Black Screen Records team we jumped at the chance to work with them to celebrate Aether’s work and allow Röki’s soundscape to be enjoyed on a whole different level.

Turn the volume up and step into the wilderness."

Jason Taylor (Aether):

"I’m fortunate enough to have exposure to so many beautiful indie games, but once I saw the art style and setting of Röki, I just had to get in touch with the team. I was in the early stages of my ambient exploration when I reached out and I feel like that played heavily in my favour!

This is the first score I’ve written that has a narrative purpose which was initially very daunting, but upon learning more about the project and the world Polygon Treehouse were building, I feel like everything just fell into place. Tom and Alex were very open to various ideas and the overall writing process was a lot of fun!

When BSR appeared on our radar, their proposal was such an appealing one and their presentation and vision for the vinyl record was so lovely. I’m incredibly excited to see how the final package looks, the whole team have crafted something wonderful here."


A01 Scandinavian Skies
A02 The Walk Home
A03 The Cabin
A04 Monsters are Real
A05 Escape
A06 Tales from The Forest
A07 Tree of Many

B01 Forgotten Church
B02 The Sunken Cabin
B03 Trollhilde
B04 The Poisoned Forest
B05 Cave of Potions
B06 The Wolf Ruins
B07 Nokken
B08 Siren Pool
B09 Fossegrim

C01 Widow Drau
C02 Waking Memories
C03 Jötunbjörn's Lair
C04 The Forgotten Song
C05 Jötunhjort's Glen
C06 Reflections
C07 Remember Me
C08 The Well

D01 Jötunúlfur's Peak
D02 The Raven Tower
D03 A Father's Path
D04 That Night
D05 Lost Lullaby/Nå er Dagen Over
D06 Röki
D07 Farewell

"Scandi fantasy adventure Röki looks quietly brilliant."
 - Eurogamer

"Röki has a power all of its own.- Edge

"Röki is one of the most impressive games I played at Gamescom 2019." - GamersPack

"It may look sweet, but there's something hiding just below the surface that's giving me chills." - Games Radar

Official Soundtrack for Röki
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Music by:

Mastered for vinyl by: 
Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio 

Artwork by: 
Polygon Treehouse

Pin layout by: 
Dane Baudoin

Produced and distributed by: 
Black Screen Records