Risk Of Rain (Official Soundtrack) by Chris Christodoulou
Risk Of Rain (Official Soundtrack) by Chris Christodoulou
Risk Of Rain (Official Soundtrack) by Chris Christodoulou
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Risk Of Rain (Official Soundtrack) by Chris Christodoulou

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"Hey everyone, Chris here. Wanted to talk a bit about our previous communication regarding the "final" printing of Risk of Rain (1) and a box set that would contain both ROR1&2 soundtracks. When we talked about a "final" pressing we thought we would retire the original art and, maybe, if enough people asked, do one with brand new artwork in the future. We decided to scrap that idea for two reasons: The workload of the second game made it literally impossible for me to deal with another release. The fact we got a timely digital and vinyl release is already a small miracle.

Most importantly though, we had so many requests specifically about a new pressing of the original that it felt wrong to come out with a different one. Not to mention the people who already own it and might have felt an impulse to spend money on an album they already own. So we decided that re-pressing the original was the best way to go and we reserve the right to have been stupid to use the word "final". On the box set, as mentioned above, time and workload played a minor part, but most importantly, the ROR music compendium might not be complete yet so we're setting that aside for now..."

We've teamed up with Hopoo Games and composer Chris Christodoulou once again to repress Christodoulou's incredible Risk of Rain soundtrack in time for the release of Risk of Rain 2. The new pressing will be available on classic 180g black double vinyl and comes in a slightly updated gatefold sleeve with matte finish and two download codes.

“If someone asked me about my musical influences I would simply have them listen to Risk of Rain. Literally everything that has shaped me as a musician is in there. Which is why I'm forever grateful to Duncan and Paul for so graciously allowing me to write exactly the music I wanted without ever asking me to change one single note.” - Chris Christodoulou (Composer)


• Risk of Rain: Original Soundtrack
• Music by Chris Christodoulou
• Repress on 180g black double vinyl


With Risk of Rain the two young developers from Hopoo Games created an instant classic and proofed to make the right choice by hiring Chris Christodoulou as their composer. The roguelike indie game is dynamic and full of action which is greatly complemented by the electronic synth pop music, with its rich soundscapes and catchy trip hop beats. Risk of Rain is an action platformer/adventure game with randomized elements. The game is set in the distant future, where space transportation is common. Space trains carry passengers and goods all across space. A particular space train, however, had some very special cargo. Through a series of unfortunate events, this space train gets shot out of orbit and crash lands on a mysterious planet ... with one survivor. Risk of Rain is out now on PS4, PS Vita, Windows, Linux & Mac OS.



“The soundtrack is amazing. [...] Every track is an absolute blinder. Some of it actually reminds me of Deus Ex and Alexander Brandons Work.” -
 TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit

“From each precisely-timed leap that carries you from harm's way, to the crispy pixel visuals of you gunning down a preposterous giant crab, to the looming, grandiose soundtrack, right down to you laughing at the jokes in the main menu's unlockable encyclopedia: absolutely everything is as it should be.” - Eurogamer

“It builds skills smoothly without losing the sometimes masochistic difficulty, and it offers a sense of progression while maintaining permadeath. It's the kind of [game] I could recommend to almost anyone.” - Polygon (8,5/10)


A01. Risk of Rain 
A02. Dew Point 
A03. Tropic of Capricorn 
A04. Monsoon 

B01. Cyclogenesis 
B02. 25.3°N 91.7°E 
B03. Hailstorm 
B04. Moisture Deficit 
B05. Intermission 

C01. Tropic of Cancer 
C02. Aurora Borealis 
C03. Surface Tension 
C04. Arctic Oscillation 

D01. Precipitation 
D02. Double Fucking Rainbow 
D03. Coalescence 
D04. Chanson d’Automne..

Official Soundtrack for Risk of Rain
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Music by:
Chris Christodoulou

Mastered for vinyl by: 
Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio 

Artwork by: 
Chris Christodoulou

Pin and postcard layout by: 
Dane Baudoin

Produced and distributed by: 
Black Screen Records