Moss (Original Game Soundtrack) by Jason Graves
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Moss (Original Game Soundtrack) by Jason Graves

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DISTRIBUTED TITLE: Beautiful storybook design with gold foil. 1xLP Single vinyl, 180-gram black.

A melodic and playful adventure score conveys Quill's story in Moss from her perspective by employing small and intimate-sounding instruments – flute, oboe, Celtic harp, English hammered dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and classical violin – all composed, arranged and produced in a pastoral soundscape with enchanting Waltz-esque flair.

Music composed by: Jason Graves
Mixed by: Jason Graves and Stephen Hodde
Mastered by: Joel Yarger at Sony Interactive Entertainment America
Cover design by: Corinne Scrivens


A01. Dear Reader
A02. The Clearing
A03. Thickets and Bloom
A04. Legends Old and New

B01. Last Respite
B02. Cinder Skies
B03. Sarffog's Domain
B04. Home To Me (feat. Malukah)

Solo performances by:

Alan Atkinson: vocals
Jeff Ball: violin
Kristin Naigus: flute, oboe, English horn
Maukah: lead vocals on "Home To Me"
Jason Graves: acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, accordion, Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, Native American flute, percussion, drums
Special thanks to:
Valve (Marcus Egan, Nathaniel Blue, Dave Feise)
Sony Interactive Entertainment America (Chuck Doud, Joel Yarger, Peter Scaturro)

©Ⓟ 2018 Materia Collective LLC under exclusive license from Polyarc, Inc. All rights reserved. Moss is a trademark of Polyarc, Inc.

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