Guacamelee! (Original Soundtrack) by Rom di Prisco & Peter Chapman
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Guacamelee! (Original Soundtrack) by Rom di Prisco & Peter Chapman

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DISTRIBUTED TITLEShip to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original video game soundtrack for Drinkbox StudiosGuacamelee! on vinyl!

The highly acclaimed indie game follows Juan, an agave famer who dawns a luchador mask in order to save El Presidente’s daughter from the evil, undead Carlos Calaca. Switching between the world of the living and the world of the dead, this Metroidvania style game uses beautiful graphics, tongue-in-cheek humor and melee-combat action to create a game that is quickly becoming recognized as a modern classic in the genre.

The game takes inspiration from Mexican culture and folklore, much of which can be heard in the amazing score by Rom Di Prisco (The Sopranos, Saw 2, Need for Speed series) and Peter Chapman (The Castle Game, Sesame Street, Workin Moms). Both established musicians in their own right, having tackled many different projects in terms of genre, they combine high tempo beats and melodic Mariachi instrumentation to produce an up-beat, energetic score that matches the game’s beat-em up action perfectly.

Available now on limited edition translucent red vinyl, don’t miss your chance to own this amazing video game score!


Side A

01. Main Menu
02. Pueblucho
03. The Mask of Juan
04. Forest del Chivo
05. Santa Luchita
06. Temple of Rain
07. Caverna del Pollo
08. Desierto Caliente
09. Tule Tree

Side B

01. Boss Theme
02. Sierra Morena
03. Great Temple
04. Final Boss
05. Good Ending
06. Credits (Good Ending)
07. The Carlos Calaca Story
08. Back Story
09. Leaderboards
10. Bad Ending