gamemusic magazine (issue 3/2020)
gamemusic magazine (issue 3/2020)
gamemusic magazine (issue 3/2020)
gamemusic magazine (issue 3/2020)
gamemusic magazine (issue 3/2020)
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gamemusic magazine (issue 3/2020)

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We have teamed up with the passionate people at to produce a limited printed version of their upcoming gamemusic magazine. It's the first ever paper edition of a magazine devoted entirely to video game music. And if you buy records for over 100.00€, you'll get the gamemusic magazine FOR FREE with your order (you don't have to buy it then). 

The brand new 3rd issue comes with 148 pages on heavy-weight, high quality paper with a special matte varnish and features interviews with British Sea Power, David Wise and Chris Christodoulou, guest articles written by Lena Raine, Gareth Coker

Kristofer Maddigan and many many in-depth soundtrack reviews. 

Guest Articles:

• Composing during Covid - Kristofer Maddigan
• Embracing the Light - A retrospective on music from Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Gareth Coker
• The Diasporic Identity of Game Music - Lena Raine
• The Sound of Animal Crossing New Horizons - Gina Zdanowicz
• Zelda and Music - A Link Between Games - Fanny Rebillard

... and many more.


• Final Fantasy VII Remake - musically exploited
• Jade Empire - beaten a lot of Hollywood soundtracks
• Streets of Rage 4 - every track a treasure
• The Last of Us Part 2 - music of revenge and redemption
• Divinity: Original Sin 2 - overflowing with magic
• Ori and the Will of the Wisps - a complete, breathtaking and matured work of art

... and many more.


• British Sea Power
• David Wise
• Marty O’Donnell
• Chris Christodoulou
• Nick Dwyer
• Black Screen Records

... and many more.