Death Note (Notebook Variant) by Hideki Taniuchi & Yoshihisa Hirano
Tiger Lab

Death Note (Notebook Variant) by Hideki Taniuchi & Yoshihisa Hirano

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DEATH NOTE, the modern masterpiece and cult phenomenon, will see a first ever vinyl release on Thursday, October 17th. Part post rock and part orchestral score, composed, arranged and produced by Hideki Taniuchi & Yoshihisa Hirano, is the first in a series of groundbreaking Death Note volumes and editions to come from Tiger Lab . Remastered for vinyl, Death Note is a double LP pressed on translucent purple vinyl in a gatefold package, and a notebook package version, bound with loose leaf paper, pressed on opaque purple vinyl. Packaging was created by Sam Pfannkuche. Licensed by VAP Inc.


A01. Death Note
A02. The Event
A03. Light's Theme
A04. L's Theme
A05. Tension

B01. Shiver
B02. Loneliness
B03. Resonance
B04. Anticipation
B05. Kira Special Investigation Team
B06. L's Theme B

C01. Hesitation
C02. The Pursuit
C03. L's Friend
C04. Special Investigation
C05. The World of Death Gods
C06. Boredom
C07. Rem

D01. Death Note Theme
D02. Kyrie
D03. Domine Kira
D04. Teleology of Death
D05. Low of Solipsism
D06. Requiem
D07. Immanence
D08. Dirge
D09. Light Lights up Light
D10. Alert

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