Admirer by Stella Emmett
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Admirer by Stella Emmett

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DISTRIBUTED TITLEShip to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the vinyl debut of Stella Emmett's Admirer as a co-release with Brooklyn label Beachball Records.

Stella's first LP epitomizes the sound that her and producer Mike Dvorscak call Ikea-wave: a clean, cohesive blend of Synth and Dream pop styles that feels as good to listen to as a Grönlid does to sit in. Ship to Shore would like to encourage you to pop this one on your turntable, sit back, relax and drift away into a soundscape of nothing but g o o d v i b e s. Available on pink vinyl. 

PLEASE NOTE: This isn't a video game soundtrack but the amazing debut album of
Stella Emmett, released by our friends at Ship to Shore PhonoCo. We love it and urge you to check it out! 🔥🔥🔥



A01. Out of Town
A02. Secrets
A03. Done W U
A04. Haircut (ft. Devoye)
A05. Blue Ranger Interlude

B01. Final Fantasy (ft. Half Waif)
B02. DayDream
B03. Twin
B04. Calvin Klein
B05. Haircut Redux

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