If you've ordered something from our store and have received a shipping notification in November & December and you still haven't received it yet, here's an update for you: we’ve just received an important shipping update from DHL Germany / Deutsche Post about these shipments. Unfortunately, the update is in German only but you can check out the original statement here.

All Deutsche Post Warenpost packages have already arrived at the US East Coast border a while ago but the statement says that USPS "has a backlog at NJ NDC, which processes all inbound surface parcels [...]. Currently they have a delay of approximately 250,000." The reason for that is their new import regulations and tighter controls at the border.

The statement also says that USPS is neither generating nor updating the Deutsche Post tracking numbers anymore which is a "breach of their agreement". That’s why your tracking number hasn’t updated for a while. But Deutsche Post has confirmed that all packages are still on the way and "should arrive by the end of March", even if the tracking number can’t be found / isn’t working anymore. That’s an issue on USPS’ side that Deutsche Post has no influence on anymore.

We know this whole situation is very frustrating but these delays are due to circumstances beyond our control. If it’s your first time ordering form us, you should know that even the "Economy" Warenpost option usually doesn’t take that long to arrive in the US. What's even more frustrating is that shipments from January and February have already arrived in the States. So this only affects orders that have shipped between November - December 2020 (due to Covid and the Holiday Season).


As you all probably know, we had to close our store for UK customers earlier this month and unfortunately, we still cannot accept any more orders with a UK delivery AND/OR billing address for the time being. We don’t know when or if this will change but we’re still a small business and the new UK VAT laws and import & export restrictions make it impossible for us to sell our products to UK customers.

This doesn’t affect any orders placed before January 2021. These orders will all ship out once all your pre-order items are in stock. Please note that there could be extra charges due to the new customs rules.

All other countries will remain unaffected during this period.

If you have any concerns please email our customer service at with your questions and your order number.

We’re also looking into other UK fulfilment options at the moment and will make sure that all Black Screen releases will be available on Amazon and other UK retail stores in the future.


🟢 UPS Standard & UPS Expedited (no restrictions - ships worldwide)
🟠 Deutsche Post Warenpost International (some countries on hold)
🟠 DHL Paket International (some countries on hold)

Check out the full list of countries here:


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