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Animal Crossing 2 (Original Soundtrack) by Various Artists [CD Set]

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DISTRIBUTED TITLE: Nintendo Switch "Atsumare Animal Crossing" Soundtrack CD Vol. 2 (Nippon Columbia):

The last free update for Nintendo Switch's "Atsumare Animal Crossing" was released in November 2021 and included a lot of content, and fans are once again excited about it.

The second volume of the soundtrack CD includes 110 songs from "Totakeke Music Live" that were not included in the first volume released in June 2021, as well as BGM added in the free update, and instrumental versions of Totakeke Music on five CDs.

In addition, a DVD containing "Totakeke PV" and "Radio Gymnastics" choregraphy, which were created based on in-game footage, is also included.


• Digipack 5CD + DVD
• Picture Label
• 12 Postcards with new song jacket design by Totakeke


[Disc 1]

01. Urban Keke (live version)
02. Irish Song (live version)
03. Alpine Song (live version)
04. Aloha Keke (live version)
05. Uta ne yume (live version)
06. Erekisongu (live version)
07. Sampo (live version)
08. The Day Before (live version)
09. Only Me (live version)
10. Mateki-chujuu (live version)
11. Kimi no tanjo jubi (live version)
12. KEKE Idol (live version)
13. KEKE Afro (live version)
14. KEKE WESTERN (live version)
15. KEKE ENKA (live version)
16. KEKE ONDO (live version)
17. KEKE Gamelan (live version)
18. KEKE Calypso (live version)
19. KEKE COUNTRY (live version)
20. KEKE GROOVE (live version)
21. KEKE KEJI (live version)
22. KEKE Gospel (live version)
23. KEKE Salsa (Live version)
24. KEKE Samba (live version)
25. KEKE Sambika (Live version)
26. KEKE Jazz (Live version)
27. KEKE shoro (live version)

[Disc 2]

01. KEKE jongara (live version)
02. KEKE SWING (live version)
03. KEKE SKA (live version)
04. KEKE SLACKIE (live version)
05. KEKE SENSEI (live version)
06. KEKE SOUL (live version)
07. KEKE SONG (live version)
08. KEKE DAMYO (live version)
09. KEKE DUB (live version)
10. KEKE Tango (live version)
11. KEKE CHINA (live version)
12. Que Que Dixie (live version)
13. Queke Disco (live version)
14. Queke Tronica (live version)
15. Keke Etude (live version)
16. Keke Sonata (live version)
17. Keke's milonga (live version)
18. ROCKENROLL by KEKE (live version)
19. Keke House (live version)
20. KEKE BASHMENT (live version)
21. Keke Ballad (live version)
22. KEKE PARIS (live version)
23. KEKE HOLLYWOOD (live version)
24. Queke Parade (live version)
25. KEKE Billy (live version)
26. KEKE Funk (live version)

[Disc 3]

01. KEKE FUGA (live version)
02. KEKE Fusion (live version)
03. KEKE FLAMENCO (live version)
04. KEKE BLUES (live version)
05. KEKE BREAK (live version)
06. KEKE HOMIE (live version)
07. KEKE bossa (live version)
08. KEKE hop (live version)
09. KEKE POLKA (live version)
10. KEKE BOLERO (live version)
11. KEKE MARCH (live version)
12. Que Que Maharaja (live version)
13. KEKE Maria (live version)
14. KEKE Mambo (live version)
15. Kekeminyo (live version)
16. KEKE METAL (live version)
17. KEKE LOVERS (live version)
18. KEKE LOVE SONG (live version)
19. KEKE Lullaby (live version)
20. KEKE Reggae (live version)
21. Keke Lloyd (live version)
22. KEKE ROCK (live version)
23. KEKE ROMA (live version)
24. KEKE Waltz (live version)
25. Cossack Song (Live version)
26. Kowai Uta (live version)
27. Sayonara (live version)
28. Shouwakeke kayo (live version)
29. Senor keke (live version)

[Disc 4]

01. Daisuki (live version)
02. Chillwave (live version)
03. Techno Beat (live version)
04. Animal Town (live version)
05. Animal Town (Live version)
06. Drive (Live version)
07. Drum n Bass (Live version)
08. Turkey Song (Live version)
09. Neapolitan (Live version)
10. Nami Nami (live version)
11. Nidanzaka (live version)
12. New Orleans Song (Live version)
13. Haisai keke (live version)
14. Haru no Komorebi (live version)
15. Funata Uta 2001 (live version)
16. Blue Onigiri (live version)
17. Songs of Peru (live version)
18. Houro (live version)
19. My Place (live version)
20. Minimal Ongaku (live version)
21. Minna yomu Atsumare (live version)
22. Mori no seikatsu (live version)
23. Eurobeat (live version)
24. Yuke! Keke Rider (live version)
25. Ragtime (live version)
26. Hashiri 01 (live version)
27. Out of Order 02 (Live version)
28. Out of Order 03 (Live version)

[Disc 5]

01. coffee shop pigeon's nest
02. I'll have a cup of coffee
03. I'll Have Some Water
04. Radio Gymnastics
05. Kappei no Funeuta Outward 01
06. Kappei no Funeuta Outward 02
07. Kappei no Funka Outward 03
08. Kappei no Funka Outward 04
09. Kappei no Funka Outward 05
10. Kappei no Funka - Return 01
11. Kappei no Funka - Return route 02
12. Kappei no Funka - Return route 03
13. Kappei no Funka - Return route 04
14. Kappei no Funka - Return trip 05
15. Panny's Island Day
16. Panny's Island Night
17. Hachemee's Fortune-Telling
18. Kayzo's Remake
19. KEKE SHORO (instrumental version)
20. KEKE SLACKIE (instrumental version)
21. KEKE DUB (instrumental version)
22. KEKE BASHMENT (instrumental version)
23. KEKE fuga (instrumental version)
24. KEKE BREAK (instrumental version)
25. KEKE homey (instrumental version)
26. KEKE HOP (instrumental version)
27. KEKE POLKA (instrumental version)
28. KEKE LOVERS (instrumental version)
29. KEKE Lloyd (instrumental version)
30. Chillwave (instrumental version)

[Disc 6] [DVD]

01. Radio Gymnastics Spring ver.
02. RADIOTSO Natsu ver.
03. Radiotaiso Autumn ver.
04. Radiotaiso Winter ver.
05. Minna Atsumare Original PV