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Gamescom Leftover Sale

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All leftover orders are non-returnable

A few weeks ago, we had a booth at Gamescom here in Cologne and brought almost 200 different vinyl soundtracks to the convention. Unfortunately, a few of them didn't "survive" the trip. Some records came back with slightly bent corners, opened shrink wrap or seam splits.

The records are still in mint condition and unplayed. But as we don't want to destroy them, we thought we could sell them for 40%-50% off. We only have one or two copies left for most of these titles so make sure you grab a copy while stocks last.

Here's a list of what's available for discounted price: 

• Gone Home 20€
• LSD Revamped 18€
• Minit 20€
• Mother Fucking Earthbound 25€
• Resident Evil Vendetta 14€
• Runescape: Orchestral 21€
• Runescape: Classics 21€
• Sonic Forces - The Vinyl Cutz 23€
• Warhammer 40.000 - Dawn of War 36€

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