Devil's Crush & Alien Crush (Original Soundtrack) by Toshiaki Sakoda
Devil's Crush & Alien Crush (Original Soundtrack) by Toshiaki Sakoda
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Devil's Crush & Alien Crush (Original Soundtrack) by Toshiaki Sakoda

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DISTRIBUTED TITLEEnjoy The Ride Records Proudly Presents Devil's Crush and Alien Crush, composed by Toshiaki Sakoda. Available for the first time on vinyl and remastered for the format by Emmy Award Winner David Marino, this album includes tracks from the cult classic Crush Pinball games. Featuring artwork from Austin-based artist Cody Schibi, this album also includes bonus tracks chosen by Toshiaki Sadoda from his work on the Star Soldier series.


Exclusive Teal with Pink Splatter Variant (Limited to 150 copies)


• First Time Available On Vinyl
• Soundtrack to the occult following "Crush" video pinball game series
• Music from 3 different games by Toshiaki Sakoda
• Bonus Tracks On B-side From The Star Solider Series
• Pressed on 140gram coloured vinyl
• Brand New Artwork By Austin Based Graphic Artist Cody Schibi



Side A
Devil's Crush
Title Screen
Main Table
High Score Table
Bonus Table 1
Bonus Table 2
Bonus Table 3
Bonus Table 4
Score Tally 1
Score Tally 2
Score Tally 3
Score Tally 4
Extra Ball

Alien Crush
Lunar Eclipse
Demon's Undulate
Bonus Stage 1
Bonus Stage 1 Clear
Bonus Stage 2
Bonus Stage 2 Clear
Bonus Points
Extra Ball
Event 1
Event 2
Event 3
Event 4
Event 5
Game Over
The Best Five

Side B
Bonus Tracks - Star Soldier

Star Solider Title
Star Solider Stage 1
Star Solider Stage 2
Star Solider Stage 9
Star Solider Final Boss
Star Solider Ending
Star Solider Caravan Mode

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