Here’s a quick update on the VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection [Limited Edition Variant]. When we ordered the vinyl in January 2021 the plan was to press the limited edition on clear w/ pink marbled and clear w/ purple marbled vinyl. In late May, the pressing plant (optimal media GmbH) agreed to send us some colour samples to make sure our mock-ups look as accurate as possible.

On June 1st, we have received these samples for the marbled vinyl and for some reason, the clear w/ purple marbled turned out to be just translucent pink. We were a bit disappointed but they have assured us that such a result can happen when you mix clear w/ purpleWe told them that we were sceptic but optimal media GmbH promised that combination isn’t possible so we ultimately approved the colour and changed all our mock-ups three weeks before we announced the vinyl.

So when we launched pre-orders last Monday, we shared mock-ups with a translucent pink vinyl and also published the “behind-the-scenes” production video which both clearly show a translucent pink disc 2 and disc 4. Last Thursday - a few days after the first pressing sold out - we have received the finished products and guess what, the limited edition box set included a clear w/ purple marbled as originally intended. 

We called the pressing plant and asked what happened and if there’s a chance to also send us copies of translucent pink because that’s what people ordered and after some back and forth and many calls and emails they just said they don’t have the capacities to press the translucent replacement vinyl for us.

TL;DR: your disc 2 and disc 4 will now look like THIS (click). We think this variant looks even cooler as it looks like originally intended but we wanted to inform you about this error before we ship the vinyl. If you have pre-ordered this variant you should receive an email from us today with more info. 

We still hope you like the clear w/ pink marbled and clear w/ purple marbled vinyl set and we cannot wait for you get your hands on the box set. It looks stunning and it's one of the coolest things we have produced! Thanks for your support. Best, Team BSR