Guide to start an investigation via Deutsche Post

If your order shipped via Deutsche Post and your order seems to take longer than expected you can start an investigation via the Deutsche Post website:
This investigation can help to locate your package and most package get delivered shortly after an investigation ist started.

Please note that Deutsche Post Warenpost International isn’t insured and therefore isn't eligible for replacements or refunds.
Before starting an investigation please check the status of your order on the Deutsche Post tracking site. In most cases your tracking number also works the website of your local postal service.

Here are the information you need to fill in the form

General Information:

Product: Mail Packet International Tracked

Item details:

Item number: Insert your tracking number
Item posting date: Here also works the date of the last known update
Postcode posted from: 50823
City posted from: Cologne
Mode of conveyance: not specified

Information about the sender:

Mr. Kevin Schulz
Black Screen Records
Wißmannstraße 40
50823 Koeln

Anything else?

For questions or additional informations please email us at