Hey there,

we hope you are keeping well and safe during these uncertain times.

We wanted to inform you that the Black Screen team will take a short break from 21. December 2020 to 11. January 2021. During our annual Holiday break, our fulfilment team won’t ship out orders and customer emails will be answered sporadically. We need this time to finally get some rest as 2020 has been a very exhausting and challenging year for all of us.

We’re doing this for over 5 years now and have never seen more logistical hurdles and delays in all of those 5 years combined than we have encountered during this year alone. We went through a couple of nationwide lockdowns, we had to deal with various shipping restrictions and several delays on pretty much all fronts … and we’re now preparing for Brexit.

Logistical and shipping problems caused by COVID are the biggest problems that we have faced and are the cause of most delays. We have over 400 different products listed on our site, a lot of them are pre-orders and some of them got pushed back several times due to COVID-related reasons. We try to update ETAs on the product pages as often as possible but we are also looking for better and faster ways to inform you about (upcoming) delays as COVID-related issues and delays will be a problem for some time to come.

Due to the current COVID situation, we are still waiting on various international shipments that include pre-order titles such as the Undertale Boxset and Cowboy Bebop vinyl. But pretty much every single shipment is delayed at the moment due to COVID. So if your order hasn’t shipped yet, it’s very likely that it won’t arrive in time for the Holidays and we’re very sorry about that. But we’ve prepared all shipping labels already and are all set to get these orders out as soon as we’re back in the office after our break. If there’s anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to email our customer service with your questions (orders@blackscreenrecords.com)


Some important shipping info: 


If you have ordered something from our store and have received a shipping notification around or after November 1st and your tracking number hasn’t updated in a while (a few days, a week or even longer) or the tracking page says something like "number not found" please don’t worry - your order isn't lost, it simply takes longer these days and the Deutsche Post has informed us that they had issues with their tracking system and shipments might take up to 42+ days to arrive at their destination at the moment (again, due to COVID and the Holiday season). If you still haven’t received your order in early January, please send us an email with your order number and tracking number and we’ll start an investigation via Deutsche Post for you.


We’re currently preparing our shop for Brexit and therefore we can’t ship out any (pre-)orders to the UK in January and early February and must close our store to all UK customers until further notice. We're very sorry about this. But if you have pre-ordered something from us, your order is only delayed and it'll definitely be fulfilled once have we've prepared our shop for Brexit. So there's no need to cancel your order. 

All other countries will remain unaffected during this period. We’ll ship out all open UK orders with in-stock titles (no pre-orders) before the end of the year and all open pre-orders, as soon as we can in late January / early February.


🟢 UPS Standard & UPS Expedited (no restrictions - ships worldwide)
🟠 Deutsche Post Warenpost International (some countries on hold)
🟠 DHL Paket International (some countries on hold)

Check out the full list of countries here:
➡️ https://www.deutschepost.de/en/c/coronavirus.html#international


To end this post on a positive note: 2020 has also been an incredible year for Black Screen Records. We have announced/released 10 vinyl releases, 11 digital releases, we have published the first ever printed magazine devoted entirely to video game music, celebrated our 5th anniversary with a free indie game vinyl compilation, moved to a new warehouse and have plans to move into an even bigger warehouse early next year. Maybe we’ll even open a record store for video game soundtracks and merch in Cologne next year? Who knows!? And even our small team got bigger this year and I’m incredibly proud of what they have achieved this year.

And last but not least: if you still use social media or if you are listening to music digitally please do us a huge favour and follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Spotify, or YouTube or subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletterOr do all of it! I know this is a stupid thing to say in 2020 but this still helps us a lot and it’s also the easiest way for us to keep you posted about new BSR releases, new distro titles and shipping updates.

Thanks so much for your support and your patience this year. We’ve lots of new and exciting projects in the works and we can’t wait to share them with you. And if you have had the chance to listen to your Sounds Of Summer vinyl already let us know what’s your favourite song on it AND what song/game you want us to feature on Sounds Of Summer 2021. Yes, it’s happening and it will be out in summer 2021 … no, not winter 2021. Summer! Hopefully. 

See you all in 2021. Stay healthy and Happy Holidays 🎄