Killing Floor 2 (Original Soundtrack) by zYnthetic, Rocky Gray & Dirge
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Killing Floor 2 (Original Soundtrack) by zYnthetic, Rocky Gray & Dirge

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DISTRIBUTED TITLE: Created in collaboration with Tripwire Interactive, this release features 25 handpicked tracks by zYnthetic, Rocky Gray, and Dirge! Strap in, it's going to be a wild ride.

Killing Floor 2 is presented in a bloody, DNA-filled, zed-infested gatefold. This limited press is a 2xLP release, with both discs being clear transparent with a red blob center, which we lovingly call "Blood Puddle".

Due to the sheer heaviness of the music contained on these records, we recommend having a friend help you place the records on your turntable.


A1. Welcome To Violence [4:24] (by zYnthetic)
A2. Relentless[2:22] (by zYnthetic)
A3. Pandemic[4:04] (by zYnthetic)
A4. Incarnate[3:12] (by zYnthetic)
A5. Harbinger Of Destruction[3:09] (by zYnthetic)
A6. Post Force Trauma[2:06] (by zYnthetic)
A7. By The Throat[2:56] (by zYnthetic)

B1. Fury Of The Bells[2:45] (by zYnthetic)
B2. No Rest For Anyone[3:55] (by zYnthetic)
B3. Wreck Them All[3:34] (by zYnthetic)
B4. We All Float[1:48] (by zYnthetic)
B5. No Winners[3:40] (by zYnthetic)
B6. Step Right Up[3:56] (by zYnthetic)

C1. Cyberpunk[2:42] (by Rocky Gray)
C2. Zed Destroyer[3:15] (by Rocky Gray)
C3. Hack Attack[4:06] (by Rocky Gray)
C4. Asylum[4:04] (by Rocky Gray)
C5. Copper Cutter[3:24] (by Rocky Gray)
C6. Red Mist[2:48] (by Rocky Gray)

D1. Monstrosity[2:48] (by Rocky Gray)
D2. Fight In Flight[3:42] (by Rocky Gray)
D3. In The Darkness[2:48] (by Rocky Gray)
D4. Clone Mutation[3:13] (by Rocky Gray)
D5. Spike Grinder[4:21] (by Rocky Gray)
D6. Disunion Reconstructed [5:00] (by Dirge)

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